Patient Resources

Patient Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete our "Client Satisfaction Survey" at AccreditationNow. Your feedback will help us improve and better serve you. The Survey is anonymous.


1) Click on Take the Survey on your computer or mobile device.

2) Place your cursor on the blue Menu Tab that says “Client" and select Client Survey.

3) Enter Login ID: 10061671

4) Enter Password: spixpj

5) Please select the Client Satisfaction Survey

6) Score all the questions and then enter any comments you may have.

Recovery Support

Celebrate Recovery

The Patient Handbook

Patient Handbook and Orientation Packet_TLC Maryville_07.05.2023.pdf

Patient Complaints and Grievances

To complete and submit a digital Patient Grievance Form following the Complaint and Grievance Procedures that begin on page 23 of the Patient Handbook:

To review the status of a digital Patient Grievance Form using the password you entered when you submitted the form:

Patient Grievance Forms are confidential and are digitally delivered directly to the company's Corporate Compliance Officer, ensuring a secure and direct path for patients to express concerns without fear of reprisal.